In this project, I designed a potential new shoe style for Vans and developed a visual branding strategy to accompany it. Through a series of promotional designs for this make-believe product the campaign really began to take shape.

Athletix Poster leaning mockup.jpg
Athletix Transparent.png


The objective of this shoe was to serve the needs of all athletic users by focusing on the construction of the shoe. Since I was breaking down the components of the shoe to highlight the improvements of this innovative product, the idea of a blueprint fit the concept and helped visually bring it to life.

Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg
Athletix Brief.jpg

Coupon Design:

I then created a coupon for the Athletix shoe using the same visual language as the original poster design. My intention was to create a cohesive branding campaign style that felt connected to the product as well as the target audience. 

Athletix Coupon Mockup PSD.jpg