Context / Background:

Fuerza is a social activist group that focuses on the immediate and long term needs of the Los Angeles Immigrant Latino Community throughout the pandemic. With a community-based driven morality, Fuerza is an organization that strives to dismantle racial prejudice and discrimination, while simultaneously being a space where Latino Immigrants can feel comfortable reaching out for essential services

Visual Language:

Being a group that is rooted in a community-based morality, my visual system consists of ornamental illustrative elements meant to symbolize the unity of immigrants and latinos coming together to have their voice heard. This abundant interlacing network of curvilinear flourishes is meant to emphasize the idea of there being strength in numbers and to represent the support role that my group plays for this large community.

Color Palette:

My goal for the color choice was really to create a fusion between a neutral newspaper color palette with a more vibrant color that carries a cultural loudness, which is represented by this warm orange in my system.

Newspaper Broadsheet:​

I decided to make a newspaper format broadsheet layout for my group to serve as a way to more quickly spread this information directly to the immigrant latino community, in a way that can be easily printed and mass produced. In making this deliverable I was inspired by old illustration style newspaper advertisements and old promotional luchador fighting event posters, both having not only cultural elements, but also a loudness that can’t be ignored, a feeling of urgency, and a call to action. 

Fuerza Immigrant Protest Posters:​

Next I have my promotional posters for an immigration reform protest. I decided on creating this event as an opportunity for my group to physically congregate together as an act of unity and to advocate for their rights. 


For the visual development of these posters I  used this set as an opportunity to fully explore the more elaborate ornamentation aspect of my system while using a consistent bilateral symmetry as a characteristic that connects all of them. In this format I also allowed my typography to meld itself more fluidly to the organic nature of these visual elements.


Fuerza Flag Layout:​

Lastly I made a flag layout for my group as a flag is a format that helps solidify the identity of a group in representing what they believe in. I utilized this flag format as a moment where I could have the visual elements fully takeover and entirely fill the canvas surrounding my Fuerza group logo.