Fuerza is a social activist group that focuses on the immediate and long term needs of the Los Angeles Immigrant Latino Community throughout the pandemic. With a community-based driven morality, Fuerza is an organization that strives to dismantle racial prejudice and discrimination, while simultaneously being a space where Latino Immigrants can feel comfortable reaching out for essential services


Introspection is a project exploring the law of attraction as well as the origin and background of several meditative practices. My goal with this project was to help bring hope and provide a way to minimize stress & anxiety, through these times of isolation and uncertainty.

J Balvin Publication

This bilingual publication is a biography of the Latin artist J Balvin, showcasing key moments throughout his career. It is meant to highlight and bring attention to how J Balvin has broken language barriers for the Latin community, by becoming a global superstar. I created this publication as an overall celebration of Latin culture being recognized around the world.

Cars & Cigars: Audi Event

In this freelance project I was tasked to create a series of automotive retail promotional designs for an official Audi/Rusnak Westlake event. This event targeted the car enthusiast community to come together to see a rare collection of supercars that are not often publicly displayed.

Turbo Track

Turbo Track is a theoretical rebranding project for a futuristic public transit system introducing extraordinarily fast traveling speeds based in a technologically advanced future. This futuristic transit system functions similarly to bullet trains, except it is a network made up of endless subterranean underground routes overlapping along different levels. The Turbo Track allows people to travel at velocities up to 200mph.

General Anxiety Disorder

This experimental typographic book on General Anxiety Disorder explores the causes and effects of anxiety. The main purpose of this book was to create a clear visual connection between this disorder and the book structure itself while covering the disorder's origins, diagnostics, causes, symptoms, treatment, and individual case studies.

Pasión Outlet

Pasion is a bilingual soccer centric outlet highlighting the rich culture and history behind the game of soccer in Latin America. Around the world, Futbol is more than just a sport. Futbol is a lifestyle. Fútbol es una pasión. Through the love of the game, players and fans find a way to take pride in representing where they come from. Representa tu bandera. (represent your flag)

Athletix Campaign

In this project, I designed a potential new shoe style for Vans and developed a visual branding strategy to accompany it. The objective of this shoe was to serve the needs of all athletic users so the campaign focuses on the innovative construction of the shoe itself.