Context / Background:

Introspection is a project exploring the law of attraction as well as the origin and background of several meditative practices. My goal with this project was to help bring hope and provide a way to minimize stress & anxiety, through these times of isolation and uncertainty.

Visual Language:

For my image-making I was inspired by sacred geometry symbols which are often seen in a lot of cultural meditative aesthetics and I wanted to include some similar radial elements to create a parallel with the idea of an individual trying to piece themselves together to create a whole.


There is also overlap with the philosophy of the law of attraction and ideas of astrology both considered to be forces that directly affect an individual's mood or personality, which is also why I decided to use atmospheric-like forms. These visuals also helped me communicate that Introspection is something intangible and takes place within.

Type Palette:

Since my visual system explores round geometry as a way to connect to the idea of completion and wholeness I wanted the headline typeface to also reflect that idea through its curvilinear organic nature and the exaggerated round ligatures seen between characters. My subheading is a condensed san serif typeface that is a little more structured and easier to read at smaller sizes throughout my brochure deliverable.


Lastly for my tertiary typeface used across all my body text and quotations, I chose Austin because it’s a serif typeface that I felt complimented my headline typeface well, while being a lot more legible. Austin is also a font family with several weights so it allowed me to easily add distinct typographic treatment when I want to differentiate and highlight specific text in my brochure

Color Palette:

For my color palette a stayed within this range of cool turquoise and blue greens, the main two colors being this more saturated cool turquoise and a softer green. I decided on these cool colors because they successfully convey an otherworldly feeling, because in order to practice introspection you need to escape reality and connect with yourself.

Introspection Brochure:

My brochure serves as an informative piece investigating the intersectionalities of historical and traditional philosophies that also have backgrounds with mindfulness and meditation. The brochure guides the audience through a break down what exactly introspection is, the importance of your inner voice, and your perception of self. The following four panels dives into a guide to the various historical introspective related practices such as stoicism and buddhism and how their beliefs could be applied to this self reflection. 

Introspection Phases (Poster Series):

The poster series serves as a summary of the brochure that more explicitly breaks down and summarizes what the four main stages of Introspection are. And since the stages themselves are sequential from 1 to 4 I wanted there to be an aspect that connected all four of the posters to create an illusion of a path so that they appear to all live within the same space when they are lined up next to each other. ​

Introspection Meditative Visualizer:

Lastly the meditative visualizer is an accompanying motion piece. This is a guided respiratory exercise that serves as a method to help meditate through the display of light particles pulsing in a repeated motion. It’s meant to be used to enter a relaxed state of mind in a slow hypnotic and mesmerizing kind of way. 


The slow and steadily repeated rise and fall in the animation, is supposed to give off the pulsing sensation of a beating heart. The motion is calm yet random and unpredictable as it expands outwards in a way that helps the audience understand what introspection truly is and how to utilize it.