Context / Background:

This is a theoretical rebranding project for a futuristic public transit system introducing extraordinarily fast traveling speeds based in a technologically advanced future. This futuristic transit system functions similarly to bullet trains, except it is a network made up of endless subterranean underground routes overlapping along different levels. The Turbo Track allows people to travel at velocities up to 200mph.

Standing Posters mockup.jpg


This new visual identity for a futuristic metro system is intended to feel like it’s offering a unique experience. The goal with these designs is to quickly catch people’s attention as they pass by.


In order to connect to the idea of velocity and intense speed, I began to explore blurring effects and manipulated the results through duplicating and warping. The results have a vibrant atmospheric quality that's hard to ignore. The selected typeface is connected to the concept as well, having a futuristic digital and technological influence. This Turbo Track logomark is also being affected with a blur effect to add to the idea of speed.

Billboard_ MockUp 1.jpg

Expanded Space:

These examples show how the identity could be expanded into a physical space. They present how this visual system could physically live within the realm of the metro system. Similarly, they still adhere to the same principles of a glowing blur expanding across a long surface. Seeing the design applied three-dimensionally helps this visual system really begin to take form.

Turbo Track Escalator.jpg
Turbo Track Conveyor.jpg